Lead 9th anniversary

posted on 31 Jul 2011 03:43 by kimito in Lead
HAPPY 9th Anniversary to Lead


evenif this is a starting of 10th year, but it doesn't change anything...
Leaders are always Leaders to support our Beloved Lead, it's still the same, as it always be ラブラブ


ありがとう and がんばれ ,, I will always by your side クラッカー

for Leaders
if you have a twitter account don't forget to tag #hurricane_Lead in your tweet about Lead, especially on 9-10 August 2011 (you know why (^O^)/ ) celebrate their new single by this action.

BUT it's a little help...if you exactly want to support them...
PLEASE PURCHASE THE NEW SINGLE !!!! (you've seen how great it is, right? and you know how Lead working so hard on it, right?)
it'll be a great help and support!!